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Things that make Klippan unique: the church on top of the cliffs, the tentlike cabins, the zip adventure park and many other activities and events.

Klippan in brief

The Swedish Lutheran Evangelical Association (SLEF) bought Klippan in the late sixties for the purpose of creating a Christian campground for children and youths. In the early days people slept in tents, prepared food on field kitchens and did their own dishes. Since then, buildings have been added and facilities have been improved to suit modern standards. We’re happy to welcome both old and new guests.

A few milestones in the Klippan story:

  • 1966 Camp Klippan was acquired by SLEAF
  • 1969 The first building, a janitor’s cabin, was built
  • 1975 The church was finished and consecrated
  • 1981 All cabins were finished
  • 2001: The dining hall was built
  • 2019: Villa Edla was built

Klippan, havsnära lägergård

Klippan’s facilities

Facilities at Klippan offer many possibilities.

  • Church: sits 200 people
  • Dining Hall: sits 115 perople
  • Lecture room: sits 50 people
  • Cabins: ten cabins, a total of 74 beds
  • Villa Edla: four ensuite bedrooms, a total of eight beds plus basic extra beds
  • Sauna: sits 10 people
  • Camper van parking: 15 spaces
  • Zip adventure park: 15-30 people per session

General principles

At Camp Klippan we aim to retain a culture of well-being and safety.

  • We don’t use alcohol or cigarettes
  • We respect each other and are considerate and keep quiet between 10pm and 7am.
  • We never leave trash behind and always clean up any mess we might make
  • Campfires are forbidden
  • Pets are not allowed
  • Parking only in designated areas
  • Each person compensates any possible damage they might cause to other people’s property
Aktiviteter för hela familjen vid Klippan


Explore the possibilites at Klippan! Whether it’s relaxation, celebration or fruitful meetings you’re after, inspiration comes naturally at Klippan.

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